January 20, 2006

crazy weather

it has been very hot today. It was forcasted 35, but I'm pretty sure it has been up to 40. The parts of the child care centre which do not have air condition felt like a bakerovn.

My husband came to pick me up from work and the short bike ride from home had made him all exhausted. We hurried to the closest shopping centre for a bit to eat, it was so nice to be inside in to cool air condition. Then we went grocery shopping.

We was inside the shopping centre for no more then 30 minuts but by the time we go out it has started to be very grey and dark clouds. Before we could reach home, which takes us about 15 min, it started to rain and it was also much cooler. The rain lasted for maybe 10 minuts, and then the sky started to become some blue again. I took a shower and by the time I was finsihed with that, the sky was all blue again and it is alsmost as hot as it was earlier. Crazy.

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Ahmed Siyah said...

Nice blog you got goin. And thanks for the pics you've put up. Been a long time since I've seen the big guy.