March 22, 2008

so lazy...

so very lazy. That is me. Lucky for me I have trained my husband very well so I do not really need to do a thing. He cooks, he clean and does what ever pleases me. Yes, I'm spoiled :)

Maybe I can talk him into updating this blog for me too...but on a second thought that might not be a good idea as he is worse then me to update blogs.

Since last time I posted my parents have celebrated their 35 wedding anniversary. That is pretty great. I used to remember their anniversary, but ever since I moved to Australia important dates like that seem to be impossible to remember. I actually talked to my mum the day before their anniversary and she reminded me about it and STILL I forgot. I was saved my the time difference though. So they did get a congratulation from me even though it was already the morning after here.

Right now I'm enjoying my easter break. It is so good to have some days of from work to rest and relax. Eating my bodyweight in chocolate is not to bad either...

Happy easter to everyone!

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