March 12, 2006


Bane posted this story as his lates entry on his blog and i just had to quote it here because its a good one.

We had a gentleman come into Wal-Mart and make his way to electronics section. With a barely perceptible wobble in his step and only the faintest of beer favored scent to him, he requested the purchase of a new television set.

Nothing is odd about this so far, we get stinking drunk folk all the time, especially being open 24 hours. Nay, what set this fine example of the human race apart is how he attempted to purchase said television...

With a Blockbuster membership card.

He did promise the cashier that he would only use it to watch movies, which I suppose made sense in his dark little corner of reality, but she wasn't budging. He didn't understand there was no correlation between the two, even after it was helpfully suggested that that meant we would have no method of checking if he had late fees.

We were informed as he left the building that we will have no more business from him. I, for one, will miss him immensely.

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