February 19, 2006

a little about me

Online Name: dynamitt

Real Name: Dina

Birthday: 6 June 1974

Birthplace: Bergen,Norway

Current Location: Melbourne,Australia

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Height: 1,60 m

Right Handed or Left Handed: Left

Your Weakness: Chocolate

Your Fears: Being alone in the dark

Your Perfect Pizza: Dolly Dimple no 10

Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year: Be more organized with my workstuff

Your Most Overused Phrase/Smilie on instant messenger: hehehe

Thoughts First Waking Up: Noooooooooo,not yet

Your Best Physical Feature: Eyes (my husband will say my butt )

Your Bedtime: Worknights, around 10 pm, weekends around midnight

Favorite Drink: Coca Cola

MacDonalds or Burger King: McDonalds

Single or Group Dates: Single

Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate

Tea or Coffee: Tea

Do you Smoke: Nope

Do you Swear: Only when I speak english

Do you Sing: Yup, all the time

Shower or Bath: Bath

Have you Been in Love: Yes

Do you want to get Married: I am, lucky me :)

Do you belive in yourself: Oh yeah

Do you think you are Attractive: Sometimes

Are you a Health Freak: eeeh no

Do you get along with either Parent: yeah pretty well

Do you like Thunderstorms: no, they are scary

Do you play an Instrument: yes, but im not very good at it

In the past month have you Drank Alcohol: Nope

Ever been Drunk: no and never will be either

Ever been called a Tease: not seriously

Ever been Beaten up: yes

Ever Shoplifted: eeeh do sample fruits and nuts count?

How do you want to Die: Sleeping

What Is Your Dream Job: maddress tester

What location would you most like to Visit: Maldives

Short or Long Hair: Depends what suit the person. I prefer long on myself

Ever Taken Drugs: No

CDs vs mp3s: both please

Number of Piercings: 4

Number of Tattoos: 0


Anonymous said...

1974 eh! Your sweet hubby forgot to mention that. Nice to know so much about you. Looking forward to meeting you someday. I guess I won't be in Maldives if you guys visit anytime soon. Anyway God willing we shall meet sooner than later.
Siyah from http://spaces.msn.com/jipmerite/

dynamitt said...

yeah im a little old lady :D
and i dont think it will be maldives for us very soon. Trying to get settle here first and then we see if we can travel some.