February 25, 2006

its raining its pooring

we had 3 hours to kill today before my family was due to go to the airport to go back to Norway. I suggested that we walked to a icecream place my little sister and I had been to earlier. It was a bit further to walk then I thought (we had biked last time we went) but we got there pretty hot and tired after about 1 hour walk.

The icecream was grand and well worth the long walk. When we left the shop and started to go home we noticed that the sky had become very dark, and soon enough it started to rain. First just a couple of drops but then it really started to poor down and we were totally wet within seconds. The rain came so fast it was flooding in the streets. Most other people out had taken covers in stores, cafes or bus shelters so we were the only ones walking in the rain and we got some stares because of that and also how wet we were. The rain was pretty warm and as it seem to rain heavier and heavier it actually became a bit funny. My mum got the giggels and then all of us had to laugh...

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