September 14, 2008

more trouble then help..

My computer is struggling with old age and I guess me spilling water and tea on it every now and then does not help much either... About 1 year ago my computer decided that he did not want to be shut down anymore. If I try, he just restart. The only way to shut it down is to hold the power button down until it does shut down - which you of course are not supposed to do.

My computer also sometimes decided to go very S L O W and do some random things every once in a while that no one asked him to do. My husband has been using my computer a bit more lately and all this little quirks are driving him insane.

So today he decided to reboot my computer. It was about 1 hour of work which would have been fine if the result had been as desired. It turns out my computer like to be rebooted just as much as he like to shut down. It was impossible to fix the problems... And then of course after figuring this out my husband was tired of my computer so I was left with a computer less useful then before. I had no MSN anymore or Firefox or my bookmarks. So basically my computer nerd husband has been more trouble then help for me. After pouting a bit I got him to help me put everything back on so now things are pretty much back to normal.

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