August 5, 2008


I'm reading a blog written by Mrs Hub. She has 3 kids and have decided to give them some special memories. One of the things she is doing is to serve them dessert for dinner once a week. As nice as that sound I always wonder how they get full of just dessert. I'm perfectly able to eat dinner and 2 serves of dessert.

On Saturday though, Hameed decided to by a apple crumble for us to cook and he got icecream too. He got home from the store about 2 hours before our normal dinner time and apple crumble sounded so much better then dinner so I decided to cook it right away and have it for 'dinner'. It was great. Looks good,right?

But as I suspected it did not fill me for long so a few hours later I had to make dinner anyway...

My little sister Solgunn is also very sweet. This is Solgunn. I promise she is very nice even though she look scary here.

Tomorrow Sami would have been 1 year old. We still miss him terribly and it is hard not to be able to celebrate his first birthday with lots of presents and cake smooching. My sister was think of us and decided to send us a little care pack. She wrote a nice little card and included a copy of her favorite movie and a big block of chocolate. Solgunn, I know Hameed told you already, but it meant so much to us. Thank you!


Julie said...

That looks delicious!
And how very sweet of your sister. :)

Phillipen said...

Yes, isn't your sister sweet?? ;)