June 3, 2008

tuesday thirteen

today's thirteen is about movies. Thirteen movies worth seeing more then once.

1. The notebook. I don't think I ever have cried as much watching a movie as I did watching this one. But still I love it. Probably my favorite movie ever.

2. Empire records. We came across this movie accidentally actually. My sister and I got 10 movie at a special deal from the video store and there was some mix up so we ended getting Empire records instead of some other movie. Bored as we was we watched it anyway and I think we are all glad we did. Every time I see it I wish I worked in a record store.

3. Much ado about nothing. Another movie I watched just because I was bored. I was alone at our summer house and meant to study for exam. One night I decided to watch the movie instead thinking it surly would be boring seeing it was a Shakespeare movie. Boy was I wrong. I never knew Shakespeare could be so funny.

4. Pretty woman. I remember my cousin (a guy) saying this was a great movie and since I was very much looking up to him then (! was 16, he was 18) I rented it as soon as I could. My favorite scene will always be when Vivian go back to the store which refused to let her buy anything and tell them they made a big mistake.

5. Dirty dancing. I think all the girls in my class had a crush on Patrick Sways. Well everybody exept me. I would have love to dance as well as him though. I didn't really *get* the song "time of my life" until I met Hameed.

6. Juno. I borrow this movie from a girl I work with and it is actually one of the few movies both me and Hameed liked. The story is great and the humor is awesome.

7. Monsters Inc. I have no idea how many times we have seen this one. Again this is one of the few movies we both like and when there is nothing on tv this is a easy choice.

8. Freedom writers. I am a sucker for stories about a great teacher turning bad student into nice kids.

9. Hotel Rawanda. Sad, heartbreaking and also a movie which make you remember how good your life really is.

10. Shrek. Love animation movies and this one has great lines also for adults.

11. Shrek 2. One of the few movies were the second movie is just as good or maybe even better then the first one. Puss in boots is to cute.

12. Schindlers list. A long movie, but so worth seeing. It is horrible and even worse knowing it all happen. A great movie to see so you never forget.

13. Bourne Identity. My husband will be very surprised to see this movie on my list. It is actually one of the few action movies I did enjoy. However the first was good, the next two was a bit to much.


M&Co. said...

I've seen, and liked, all but four on your list. Those four are the more recent releases which are not kid friendly. I hope to see grown-up movies again. Someday.

Irishembi said...

Thank you! I needed some new movies to put in my Netflix queue! Looking forward to seeing the ones on your list I haben't seen before.