April 8, 2006

just updating

on what had been going on in my life lately. I did not get my wishes granted the other week, my husband has still not been able to get a job and no visa yet. But we have an appointment with the immigration office on the 26th and if things goes like I hope he will be granted a visa that same day - which should also make it easier to get a job.

I have been trying so hard to be updated with all my paperwork for work this year, but is seems like this is a part of my job I just can not do... I have been pretty good, but still there are things I'm lacking behind on. A little pat on the back though; I started way late with the 3 monthly reports (the day before they were due) but even so I was the only one of the room leaders which manage to finish them on time. But now ofcourse I'm behind in some of the other things... Can't win I guess.

This past week has been a bit crazy. On tuesday I had to call my husband and ask him to bring me new shoes and socks. Why? Well one of the girls has figure out how to undo her nappy... so she did a big poo and then undid her nappy and left in on the floor. It was the time between lunch and the kids getting ready for a nap so it was pretty hectic and I ofcourse mange to step in the poo.... Oh well I guess thats just one of the quirks of my job...

The temperature here has dropped a lot. I dont think I ever will understand the weather here. Its close to 30 degrees on day and the next its 15 degrees, so we get autum with a 'bang' sort of. Trying to remember why I complained when its was 42 degrees... so cold now.

Planning to go swimming today. I really enjoy it, but have to wait until 2 pm when there will be som space for me in the inside pool. Im not swimming outside in this cold weather even though the pool is heated to 27 degrees. After I have been swimming I need to do some paperwork...

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