April 15, 2009

big girl

We got a bumbo seat for Sarah yesterday and she is totally digging it. Last night while she was sitting in it she discovered her feet. She tried so very hard to bend over and eat them. Silly me though she wanted to eat her sock so I took it of and gave it to her. She totally ignored the sock and kept bending over to get her foot. She was wiggling her toes like crazy. Maybe she though she could reach them easier that way.

We went for the 8 week health assessment today. Her state was pretty much what I had guessed. She weigh in at 4866 grams and is 58 cm long. She is growing along just fine. Average for weight and a big more then average for lenght. The health nurse was surprised I was still breastfeeding... she is weird.

In other news. My hair has been driving my crazy after Sarah was born. There was no need time to blow dry or straighten my hair and wearing it down just did not work. So last Saturday I got a quick cut and I'm loving it. The hair dresser asked me 3 times if I was really sure I wanted it that short. I guess it is not often someone want to go from waist long hair to short hair. Hameed don't mind I think. He just keep saying I look so different.

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Phillipen said...

ka e egentligt et bumbo-sede? ser ud som ei store potta ;)