June 9, 2007

dina likes..

my little sister Solgunn mention on facebook that she tried this little 'game'.

Google your "name + likes" and see what you get.

Here is some of mine:

dina likes tequila (dont think so, never tasted it, but generally dont like alcohol)

dina likes it because it rocks...and it's scary. (that is probably true..although im not sure what 'it' is here)

dina likes red
(actually Im more into blue - always been)

dina likes sausage (yeah and I soo miss the norwegian sausages!)

dina likes libra (very true, best brand around)

dina likes hardwood (yeah I do, and its easier to clean)

dina likes to write poetry and short stories
(I have done a few poems ,so partly true..)

dina likes to bite, have you noticed? (hmm guess you need to ask others this one)

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