January 12, 2007

some action

today, while I was cooking dinner, the power went of. Well that happens sometimes, but this time there seem to be no problem with out power board. I went to talk to the neighbour and sure enough they too had lost their power. Well, now we didnt know what to do.

I decided to go for a walk just to kill some time. When I got out on the street I noticed there were lots of other people out too. And all the cars from Brunswick road was directed up our street. At first I thought it was an accident. But could not see anything of that. I walked for a bit and then I saw a firetruck. So I asumed it as a fire close by. It was a bit strange though that the fire fighters was just standing on the street and talking to eachother. I kept walking when one of the fire fighters called me and asked me to stop. He asked me where I was going and I said just one more block up. He then asked me to cross the road before countinuing and then he pointed up. I look up and then I understood everything. On the power cables there was a piece of alminiume balancing. Those kind many people use on their roofs. Dont ask me how it got up there The house around do not have thouse kind of roofs and it was been a nice day with no wind what so ever.

Well it did explain why they had to take the power though. I stood and watched for a while and was imformed that the power would be back on within an hour. So we have power again now and we got dinner alright.

Its scary though to think of how depended we are on the power.

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