July 25, 2006

in other news

I was just reading the local newspaper from where I grew up - something I should do more often.. While other newspapers are full of war and disasters, my local newspaper also had room to report about one incident of a bit different character. A cow had managed to break through the fence and was wandering on the high way against the traffice. It became a bit of a fuss but with the help of the police the farmer got his cow safe onto the field and the traffic could run smooth again.


-a- said...

sånt skjer jo stadig vekk.... huska du forresten at mor har bursdag idag????

dynamitt said...

jepp har sendt melding og

siyah said...

I guess it goes to show how different it is there from India. In India the cows rule the road. If one of them decide to take it's siesta in the middle of the highway, the traffic just has to find another route. :P